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  • Kitchen Remodeling Santa Barbara, CA

    A kitchen remodel is the number one way to doll up your house. You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, so having that room look fantastic and provide outstanding functionality is worth every penny you might spend. As a bonus, a kitchen remodel in Santa Barbara will provide and excellent return on your investment should you ever need to sell.

  • When Santa Barbara Kitchen Contractors sits down with you for our first meeting, we go over every aspect of the changes you might want to make.

  • For a kitchen remodel in Santa Barbara this might include

    - Complete demolition to increase the size or change the layout of your kitchen.
    - Rerouting of plumbing to provide for center islands or more convenient space allocations
    - Lighting can completely change the look, feel, and mood of your kitchen.
    - Your cabinets are a centerpiece of how you and others experience your new kitchen.
    - Countertops and back splashes can add great beauty and practicality to the project.
    - Flooring is a critical component. You want flooring to be easy to maintain and complimentary to the rest of the look you want to achieve.
    - We will spend the most time with you on the tools of the kitchen. How many, the function, and the location of drawers, cabinets, and closets.
    - Selection of plumbing fixtures provide accents, but not all brands or styles will function the same.
    - Choosing your appliances and laying out their locations is critical to the rest of the floor plan.
    - Windows and window treatments are a very big deal for the one who will spend a lot of time there. We work to bring the daylight in creative ways.
    - You may even want a TV, computer or IPad stand, piped in music, or other electronic items built in.
    - Don't forget the electrical outlets. How many and where?
    - Where can we utilize green technology to save money, save energy, and help save the planet.

  • We don't overlook a thing. By thinking about every detail in advance, we help to insure that your new kitchen remodel will be the talk of your friends.

  • Our Kitchen Remodeling Services include

    - Kitchen Cabinets
    - Kitchen Countertops
    - Kitchen Backsplash
    - Kitchen Design
    - Kitchen Floors
    - Cabinet Refacing
    - Kitchen Lighting
    - Kitchen Fixtures
    - Room Addition
    - Kitchen Pantry
    - Kitchen Sink
    - Kitchen Walls

    If you are looking for a Kitchen Remodeling Contractors then contact us Today. Get fresh ideas and FREE Estimate for your Kitchen Remodeling project in Santa Barbara.

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